Monday, 15 September 2014


Hello! I am Pea – an incurably lazy girl. I’m a bit of a foodie, obsessed with bacon, lover of real ales, a die-hard cosmetics junkie, and I ‘do’ science for a living.

Yes, I probably am as mad as I look...

I’m starting this blog, with a vague notion of just blogging about my life, and what interests me, a bit like a journal I suppose. But also I hope it can inspire me to be less lazy, so I have things to actually write about (because a million posts about a lazy girl sat on the sofa watching Friends (yes again) probably won’t be that interesting).

I haven’t really blogged before, well actually, that isn’t strictly true. Yes, I had an angst filled blog on Myspace for a while there (am I alone in being kind of glad they aren’t open to the public anymore?) and I’ve dipped in an out of blogger (I first registered in 2010), but I never stuck to it. I’m hoping that this time it will stick!

To be perfectly honest, in this heyday of blogging, I appreciate I am rather late to the party, and doubt that I have anything new or particularly exciting to add. As such this really is for me and I will just see where it takes me [/vague]. The truth of the matter is; I am so chronically lazy that if I manage to actually blog consistently at all, it will be a landmark in and of itself!

I can also be found on Twitter: @Trooty

Thanks for reading!

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