Tuesday, 16 September 2014

7 days and counting...

...until our holiday! Well, technically, it's actually our Honeymoon, but a very, very belated one (we will be away over our 1 year wedding anniversary too). Yes, we're off to America, for just over two weeks, and I am so excited I think I might pop.

Here's our travel itinerary:

  • Boston
  • Mystic
  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Warm Springs
  • Charleston
  • Lexington
  • Louisville
  • Chicago
  • Boston

I have reached the ripe old age of thirty and, so far, never made it across the pond, so that is adding an extra layer of excitement for me right now. I am not sure that I am really convinced that, yes, it is real, we are going; a feeling that is probably, at least partly, due the fact my lovely husband has organised 99.9% of the trip for us (Yeah, he had to take over when I proved incapable of making a single decision, due to being TOO EXCITED!!!! (and also wanting to see ALL THE THINGS!!!!).

Anyway, to celebrate that fact it's only a week away now, here's a jolly map! Thanks to the limitations of Google Maps this isn't 100% accurate - Boston - Washington we are taking the train, following which we hire a car up until Louisville, and then we're flying from Louisville to Chicago, and then again from Chicago back to Boston - but hopefully you get the idea.

Watch out America - Pea & Badger (that's the husband by the way, I'm not taking an actual badger with me) are coming!



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